Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Vocal Science: We Believe In LIFE After The Completion Of The Voice, Body and Soul Repair.

Once, I had a request from a serious voice problem sufferer who was residing in the UK. He was a throat cancer survivor; and with all of the chemotherapy and radiation therapy, he ended up having both vocal cords damaged. One of his vocal cords was paralyzed and the other one was simply non-functional. He approached me with all kinds of questions and when his question came around the price of my nonsurgical voice repair services and treatment sessions, he exclaimed: “Oh my God, it is too much!”

When I asked him what he would do with the same amount of money if he would not end up paying for my services? He said: “I would go on vacation…” Then I asked him if he would enjoy that vacation, being afraid to open his mouth and constantly be conscious on how he would be received and perceived by other people? On that note, I’ve heard the tears in his voice. He had obviously gotten my drift… so to speak. After this emotional moment, our deal had been finalized; and shortly after, I flew to London to attend to him and a couple of other people.

You, my reader, may ask: Did you fix his voice? My answer would be yes, but to a degree. Could I un-paralyze his vocal cord or make the other one functional? The answer is no. But, applying the Vocal Science ™ Method, I was able to create some base underneath of his very soprano-sounding voice; so he started to sound quite a bit more manly. His diction (enunciation and pronunciation) became much clearer and he started to sound, by far, more coherent. Needless to say, his confidence (after lots of tears and spent emotions) became more apparent; and thus his long-ago gone zest for life was actually coming back, and (at least to a degree) his life was reclaimed!

Had he become perfectly healthy and fully regained his voice? The answer is - not quite. But he gained a lot of knowledge, awareness and understanding with respect of what was happening to him in general and his vocal anatomy in particular. He now was able to bring the best of his voice upon his wish and command which, (we both agreed) by itself, is priceless. Having a clear map in his head with respect to how the physical sound travels, he was able to get hold of the best of his voice (pretty much) at any given moment. In other words, we both did the best we could!

Leaving back for Canada, I left this (previously) very emotionally, physically and vocally disturbed man with an intellectual understanding and kinesthetic feeling of how to power the sound of his voice to its best capacity; and, most importantly, how to save and protect to what he had been left with. As far as him and I were concerned, both of our missions had been accomplished!

I clearly was able to show him that there is LIFE that is worth living, especially after the completion of our voice, body and soul repair journey!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Non-Surgical Voice Repair: What Once Was Lost, Can Now Be Found With The Vocal Science™ Method!

No matter what has happened to you and your voice, your healing journey starts here and now, with us!

We strive to provide exceptional voice-health care and overall human care at all times. As we always like to say: “Your better voice tomorrow, starts with us today!”

Regain your voice! As if you don’t take us up on our offers to fix your voice, just think what you could be missing!

We are world-class voice experts! It had been tested, tried and proven for many years!

The Vocal Science Method is a holistic approach to voice mechanics and to the human being as a whole. There could be numerous reasons why the person acquires a certain voice disorder and/or vocal issues. 

It could be overall health issues like:

  • Thyroid problems
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Chronic laryngitis
  • Weight Problems (under or over)
  • Low fitness level - or lack thereof
  • Poor diet (consisting of fatty acidic and mucus-filled food products consumed on a regular basis)
  • High sugar and high blood pressure
  • Gastric acid reflux
  • Colon problems
  • Smoking, drinking and drug use (medical drugs including)

Those factors above are just to name a few…

And, of course, there are also environmental causes which are contributing to voice problems.

To give you an example, a few years ago, I received a client from out of town who was diagnosed with what’s called Spasmodic Dysphonia. I, colloquially, call it “vocal epilepsy”, as in this very unfortunate precedence, the voice usually spasms uncontrollably (just like one’s body would be seizing due to a regular epilepsy condition).

This client (during my assessment with her) told me her story of how she acquired such a nasty voice disorder. Her husband and her, at the time, moved into a new house with a finished basement which had carpeted floors. 

Only a few days later, they had a flood in that basement; and naturally, the carpets became very wet…

Those years, these types of carpets were treated with certain chemicals; and thus, when the flood occurred, those chemicals spread out throughout the house, and of course, effected the air my client and her husband were breathing. After that, both of them acquired a lot of health problems in general; but my client, who managed (in time) to concur the majority of her health problems, still was suffering with the very complicated disorder (such as spasmodic dysphonia is).

This client took only 10 hours of private sessions with me and 10 hours of semi-private instruction, which was provided in a group setting (the ‘Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop Summit’).

Needless to say, her condition improved exponentially and she was even able to sing in church during Christmas Mass (according to her own words, it was a ‘Christmas Miracle’).

Regain your voice by “cleaning up” your act, I.e., improve your diet, do not pollute your body with fat, mucus-filled and acidic foods, stop your bad habits (smoking, drinking and drug use), stay away as much as you can from medical drugs as well, and try to employ natural herbs and remedies as well as natural and organic foods (which do not contain too much salt, flour or sugar, and also do not produce excess of mucus or acid).

And lastly, we would like to address the mechanical side of voice use which, if disrupted, could cause serious voice problems and sometimes could even lead to the point of no return.

The Vocal Science technique advocates the safe use of the voice and the use of the latter “upon design”.

With these specially designed speech and singing exercises, the voice will be lifted off of the vocal box and off of the vocal cords and restructured to the different set of muscles; thus the pressure of the sound effecting the vocal anatomy will be practically eliminated. 

If the voice damage had already occurred, the natural herbs and remedies will be administered to heal the throat flora, to clean the vocal anatomy from the impurities and to strengthen the “vocal machinery” over all. 

The knowledge of the above will produce the confidence in speech presentations and, nevertheless, vocal performances. It will also produce the health and vibrant in one’s being. 

In conclusion…, the question is: What price tag could you put on the above?

Monday, February 6, 2017

Vocal Science - "Fifty Shades" Of Voice: What Do We Mean By This?

What we mean by this is that the human voice possesses a ‘rainbow of colours’, so to speak. It also possesses different varieties of voice performance

Singers always say that sometimes they really have ‘good days’ with their voice, i.e., their voice obeying their commands and give them the right tonality, bright tone and perfect pitch; whereas some other times, they refer to the ‘bad days’, i.e., when the voice sounds dark in tone and the pitch and projection also suffer.

Objectively, the latter, in this case, depends on the mood of a singer, the weather and, perhaps, the personal circumstances prevailing the performance. 

All of the above is somewhat good, but wouldn’t it be even better if the singer did not depend on the outer factors; but would mostly depend on the professional training and proper vocal technique, pertaining to the vocal performances and studio recordings. 

After all, we are talking about the human being and the human voice he/she possesses. Even the acoustic piano reacts on the weather conditions and the inner environment. 

If the place is too dry, the wood, hammers and strings of the piano will sound different, as opposed to the place which is in a balanced climate (not too hot, not too dry and not too moist either). 

So obviously, the human voice is much more sensitive then any musical instrument and it also has to be ‘balanced’ with the ‘inner physical body’, outer weather and other outside factors - like clean or polluted air, for example..

I had always been saying that the voice is a reflection of the state of one’s being and identification of who that person really is. 

I always refer to the voice as a human spirit, which with certain manipulations, flies away from the physical body (however, supported by the physical body components) and soars “like an Eagle” to the place where the sky(in a manner of speaking) is the limit! 

So there are a lot of “shades” (probably more then fifty) which the human voice possesses. And there are a lot of variations within which the voice performs.

The difference between the amateur and professional singer is such that the professional singer feels and knows predominantly what would actually come out of his/her mouth. 

He/she is able to control the colour of the voice, the intonation, the vibrato (on or off, depending on the style), and most importantly, the pitch (which he/she has to stay within). So no weather or various moods would shake that performance. 

On the contrary, the amateur singer who does not possess the proper training and/or technique will react on different conditions such as weather, his or her own mood, and some other turbulence and tribulations which could occur on the day of their performance. Any other (even little) nuances could throw that singer out of “vocal balance”, so to speak. 

The excessive emotions, lack of endurance, poor physical state of their body, could ruin that performance which the singer (usually, nevertheless, keeping his/her “fingers crossed”) was desperately trying to deliver. 

So, in a side by side perspective, there are many shades and colours to both adequate and inadequate vocal performances. 

The knowledge of the above of what to do and what not to do could save somebody’s career, and mainly their main instrument (their voice). 

The lack of knowledge of the above, (in other words; musical, anatomical and physiological ignorance of how to properly use one’s voice) could bring the performer to the voice damage which (unfortunately, sometimes) may not be curable or even treatable.

So, before any of you call yourselves a singer or a vocal performer, please obtain the right knowledge of what it entails which, in turn, will save you from a lot of troubles with yourself and your voice. 

For the greater clarity - Please do not allow your voice (and thus, your spirit) to get fifty shades darker…

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Vocal Science, Non-Surgical Voice Repair For All The Right Reasons… Think Outside Of The Box!

In a manner of speaking, this blog will be a perfect continuation of the previous blog named “Voice And Vocal Problems… Out-Doctored And Out-Treated… What’s next? “.

Indeed… What’ next?

By the law of averages, the next best thing would be to look and find the alternative solution to any of your health or voice problems. After all, we are talking about your health; and not only your voice/vocal health, but your health in general. I always had said that the voice is a reflection of the state of your being and the identification of who you are. It is equivalent to your fingerprints, as they voice you possess is exclusively your property.

You can acquire voice problems from all different causes and for all different reasons.

One of them could indeed be connected to the state of your health in general. One of the most common reasons could be your thyroid problem, which itself is interconnected to your emotional state of being.

According to holistic teaching, the thyroid represents suppressed emotions and hurts. Once the thyroid is affected, the voice may just literally get “stuck” in the lower position of your throat which will make your voice sound dull, possibly raspy and hoarse (due to excess of mucus and gastric acid) and, given the above, your projection (speaking and/or singing)will be severely compromised.

Also, more and more, we are attending to cases where, for whichever reason, (the main one is cancer of thyroid), the actual gland had been removed.  Unfortunately, and I am not afraid to say, that at least 80 percent of those who have undergone thyroidectomy, in the process, ended up with one or both vocal cords paralyzed.

How sad is that? Sad, indeed.

Therefore, when you are considering any kind of surgical procedures, be advised that if the procedure to be performed is anywhere close to your vocal anatomy, you could be very prone to vocal cord(s) damage. Even more sad news is when the operation is conducted not even near of vocal anatomy, and yet, due to intubation, your vocal box could be quite severely damaged.

So, in my opinion, unless it is a matter of life or death, try to avoid any kind of surgery at all cost!

The next major reason for voice problems could be acquired from what’s called acid reflux

Acid reflux (in majority of cases) is caused by a poor diet and poor lifestyle in general.

Some people really love acidic foods which include:

  • Spicy foods

  • Acidic fruits and vegetables

  • Red meats

  • ·Tomato-based products and etc.

The above can produce an excess of acid which (especially when the voice is positioned in the lower throat) will negatively affect the vocal anatomy and the vocal cords in particular.

As for singers and for loud speakers, it is very common to acquire what is called muscle tension dysphonia.

Speakers usually get it when they speak excessively and loudly, while concurrently pushing and pulling the voice out of the neck muscles; whereas singers usually lack proper vocal technique, and thus, also trying to extract the singing sound from all, so to speak, available muscles of their anatomy.

The more they push and pull, the more the neck muscles become “inviting”. Once the voice is completely drawn to the neck muscles, the muscle tension dysphonia “gladly” takes place. Something like this cannot be treated surgically.

With that said, the effected person has to start thinking outside of the box, so to speak.

What do I mean by that? Since everybody nowadays is (nevertheless) becoming computer savvy, they should be more then capable to conduct an adequate and thorough research; and by collecting the facts, they should be able to differentiate right from wrong and the real deal from the fake.

On this note, I would like to wish you all good luck in finding what you are looking for:  The best health and the best voice!

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