Thursday, July 7, 2016

Causes & Treatments for Spasmodic Dysphonia Disorder.

There could be numerous causes for that nasty and serious disorder. 

Interestingly enough, the voice of the sufferer is greatly compromised; however, it is only a symptom and not the cause.  The causes could be induced by emotional, psychological and neurological traumas.

For example - a tragic event happens and a switch between automatous actions that are coordinated between the brain and the control function of the neck, thyroid and larynx become affected. As a result, the ‘voice user’ experiences uncontrollable spasms within the neck structure/muscles and other areas that may not have been documented if not searched for.

Of course, it could also be due to the misuse and abuse of ones’ voice, as well as via contacted viruses such as a severe cold, flu, strep throat and whatnot.

I personally compare this disorder to epilepsy and (in my books) I call it “Vocal Epilepsy”

The traumas also could be caused by negative environmental surroundings by means of air-born pollution. Chemicals that effect (and sometimes degrade) the cells within the brain which control autonomous motor functions within the body) can result to spasmodic dysphonia as well.

Also, chemical agents like industrial strength detergents, bleach, and dangerous drugs like meth amphetamines, non-professional man-made hallucinogens, etc, can play a role of causing a environmentally-induced versions of spasmodic dysphonia.

Now let’s find out about non-surgical treatments for this disorder.
Is it even possible?

My answer is yes, it is; but with great difficulty and only if it is not passed stage one. or maximum, two. I categorize this disorder within 4 stages, (just like cancer, God forbid). So, if it is in the light or medium stage (stage one or two), the speech of the sufferer can be greatly improved.

When it comes to stage 3 (and especially stage 4) when you hardly hear a straight (without grate “stuttering” in a manor of speaking) speech, it is nearly impossible to even remotely improve the ones’ condition.

Sometimes, spasmodic dysphonia disorder arises from the condition, which is known as Muscle Tension Dysphonia. In one of my previous blogs, I described the case where the person with muscle tension dysphonia disorder contacted me last year, but for whichever reason, she did not take me up on my offer to give her instruction and treatment (when it still was possible to account for some meaningful results). This year, she contacted me again and told me that now she has been diagnosed with Spasmodic Dysphonia. I asked her to give me a call before I would give her my commitment. She did and I could hardly understand a word she had been saying.

She sounded like her condition now would be between stage 3 and 4.

With all honesty, I told her that I would not be able to attend to her case with guarantee of any measurable results. Unfortunately, in that particular case, the Non-Surgical (and I believe, even Surgical) treatment of any kind will be obsolete now.

There is a saying: “The time is healing”; but sometimes the time passed when the repair could still be done, can also be ‘killing’, brining this serious condition to the point of no return.

Via special speech and breathing exercises, coupled with the certain body movements, I can knock down a good amount of spasms and teach the person how to speak above them.

By learning a new application for the use of the voice, the person learns how to lift the voice off of the vocal box and off of the vocal cords and use a different set of muscles such as the sinus cavities (facial muscles) which will begin to work in full conjunction and coordination of the abdominal muscles for the greater support of the ‘lift’ of the sound.

The sound will become much clearer, less spasmodic and more pronounced and announced. The special breathing exercises and humming special sounds will help immensely to reduce spasms. All of that could bring a person close to a definitive recovery; provided, of course, that the disorder is not too far advanced.

 So please, of you find something unusual going on with your voice and your health in general, please seek immediate consult and try to get to the bottom of your voice/vocal issue while time is still on your side.

Quality voice care is our mission.We cater to the sensitive and afraid. 

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Voice Disorders - Attending to The Human Voice is Not One Thing We Do; It Is the ONLY thing we do!

We treat you and your voice above others!

Your voice is sounding hoarse and raspy and your voice is almost lost…?  What should you do?

Naturally, you would call your physician and ask for a referral to an ENT specialist. After waiting for a few months, you actually may get an appointment.  By that time, though, in the best scenario, your voice may get back to normal; but most likely, it will stay the same or it will get worse.

It is much easier to treat any voice disorder at the beginning stages, so it is quite possible that the valuable time had been lost, and thus the non-surgical treatment may not be as successful as otherwise could be.

On a personal note, I used to hire a private ENT just to clean my ears when needed. My ears are very important to me, as my super-sonic hearing (by the common opinion) allows me to hear the minutest details and changes in the human voice. 

On this premise, I cannot allow just a regular nurse to attend to my ears as, if anything goes wrong, I will lose my main working tool; not to mention that I could acquire a hearing disability (God forbid).

If I were to go into a walk-in clinic here in Canada, I would not have to pay anything to clean my ears from wax (often a consequence of sound pollution). To go (instead) to a private ENT specialist, I had to pay $100 per ear.

Then the unthinkable happened. I was informed that my doctor had died last November. Now, I am terrified, as I have no idea what I am going to do about my ears.

Luckily, though with respect of the throat (my own or my clients’), I definitely would know what to do, if anything went wrong. But, either way, I have been quite traumatised for the past few months knowing that I don’t have a renowned specialist at my (or my clients’ with complications) corner any longer.

So, given the above, I personally have always been very attentive to my clients and have never treated them as just a number.

Some clients are coming back to me for more speech or singing lessons or for some newly-arisen concerns; and no matter how many years have passed, I always do remember their history and why they came to me in the first place. My clients are always surprised about how I could always remember the minutest details about them.

My answer to them is: I was LISTENING, I was HEARING and I did CARE about their healing on every level, opposed to those who are more concerned about the billing and not the healing.

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Royans institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair: Vocal Architecture - We will Find, Fix and Redesign Your Voice For You.

We listen…
We care…

We are here to serve you with respect,integrity, and attention to the minutest details concerning your voice problems.

If you think that you have a problem with your voice, we will be able to help.

We have been specializing in non-surgical voice repair for nearly 30 years.

If you have been scheduled for a vocal operation before you have contacted us, please consult with us first, as we might be able to save you from the surgical intervention, which, by it self, could be pretty dangerous. It could possibly leave scar tissue on the vocal cords; and thus, will deprive (especially singers) from pursuing their careers any longer.

Also, to go under the knife or laser will not solve your voice/vocal issues. In the best-case scenario, your vocal cords will be somewhat fixed, but the application and conduct of your voice will remain to be the same. With that said, your original vocal issue (especially growths on the vocal cords; such as polyps, nodules, cysts or papilloma) may return multiple times. 

Clearly, there is no change without change!

In fact, the described-above case is related to Julie Andrews, who, after vocal surgery, ended up with scar tissue on one of her vocal cords; and thus, was never able to resume her singing career, not to mention that, for quite some time, she had a problem even with her speaking voice.

The comedian, Joan Rivers, went to a well-known clinic in New York appointing a top ENT surgeon to laser the polyp on her vocal cord. Unfortunately, she never woke up after that surgery.

Therefore, in my opinion, anybody should treat the possibility of surgical interference as a last resort. I am sure that everybody knows that when you go for help to a medical professional, you are just a “case number”. Unfortunately, a good majority of them are mostly “billing”, instead of “healing”.

It is a different story when you go to a private, alternative health practitioner.  They are usually much more attentive to you and your problem.

They obtain all of your history from the beginning of your problem(s) occurrence, trying to find the cause rather then focus on the symptoms opposed to medical doctors.

The medical doctors are very big on trying to mask symptoms, giving useless prescriptions and are very keen on performing surgeries (vocal surgeries included).

The alternative practitioner is looking into the root of the problem, and once discovered, he/she outlines the best course of action that is best applicable to the specific problem.

All of those problems (vocal included) are best solved with the herbal and homeopathic means. However, with respect to voice problems, that alone is not enough. The sufferer in question has to be taught a proper voice/vocal technique for those natural remedies to work to its fullest capacity.

Unless the vocal box is released from the pressure of the sound, the natural remedies will be practically obsolete.

We, at The Royans Institute, combine our unique Vocal Science ™ method with the great knowledge of specific herbal and homeopathic remedies, which greatly aid to one’s voice healing.

We discover, we uncover, we fix and design a new technical pattern for the human voice to work in its fullest capacity and with no pain or strain to the vocal anatomy.

We are vocal architects - and our mission is to build and (if needed) rebuild your voice by design and expertise.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Attention Vocally Injured! Lose Your Vocal Injuries and Become “The Biggest Loser”!

Regain your voice and your confidence back! 

Your voice… desired and deserved! 

Nearly every week, we hear that various concerts and tours have been canceled and the lead singers (either a soloist or band lead singer) just about to undergo a vocal cord surgery.

How sad is that? Sad indeed!


Why does it happen and why it happens to so many artists? Is it because they are overworked and over-stressed? I think that definitely the above are the factors.  However, if their technical merit of their singing had been intact, less tragedies and cancellations of their performances would take place.

So, human being puzzle (in a manner of speaking), like any puzzle, has many components and pieces, which have to fall into the right places. Those singers’ lifestyles, naturally, are very active and filled with a lot of appearances, interviews and performances.

Due to the above, their immune systems become weakened; and thus, as well, they could much easier pick up any viruses or any sicknesses for that matter. In their busy lives, their voices are in the most used mode; and thus, for them to get any vocal injury is literally not too difficult.

The other aspect of it is a lack of knowledge of how to power their voice with no pain or strain on their vocal anatomy. Also a lack of knowledge of how to work smart and not hard; and with the minimum effort achieve the maximum result.

The latter will assure “The Biggest Winner” rather then “The Biggest Loser”; however, if they manage to “lose” their vocal injuries, or better yet, not to acquire them in the first place, they will become “ the biggest loser” (in the better understanding of that word).

I could compare it with a TV show, In fact, named “The Biggest Loser”. That show is about the struggle of very obese people who forever have been struggling with their excess weight. They obviously have been unable to lose that much weight on their own, and they also realized (some of them just in time) that they need professional help not only to lose their weight, but also to save their lives. Was that easy for them? Not at all! But majority of them claimed their lives back; and some of them just simply saved their lives.

They have desired to live the normal life and they have realized that they have deserved it!

Yes, they became “The Biggest Losers”; but in reality, They Are The Champions!

The band “Queen” performed an all time well-known song called “We Are The Champions”. This song is indeed very inspirational and it is applicable to all of us!

So if you, my reader, also have any vocal issues, (speaking or singing), become inspired to learn how to avoid vocal injuries. However, if they have already occurred, learn how to fix all of your vocal imperfections and acquire a whole new application of voice, using all together new parts of your anatomy to save, protect and prosper your voice to the foreseeable future!
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