Thursday, December 1, 2016

Vocal Science… Combat Your Fear With Knowledge!

Once you notice that you’re speaking or singing voice is not performing in a regular fashion, you should try to attend to this voice problem as soon as you possibly can!

You would need to find the cause of your vocal disorder and the source of the proper and efficient treatment.

Acquiring the proper knowledge will bring you to an understanding of what’s actually happening; and hopefully you will act accordingly, addressing the root of the problem. Some people think nothing of it and hope that the problem will fix itself and everything will come back to normal on its own. Unfortunately, this is not going to happen!

Your ultimate goal is to stop “loving” your problem and do everything in your power to be able to conquer it, which in turn, will allow you to come back to a normal life.

I’ve noticed over many years dealing with non-surgical voice repairs that the sufferers are almost afraid to part with their voice/vocal problems. They declare that they want to fix it, but they do not do much towards rectifying their voice/vocal inadequacy.

It appears as if they have difficulty to combat their fear of the recovery…?

Sounds like a complete paradox, doesn’t it? But believe it or not, it is the truth of the matter. Some of them are going to various specialists and getting completely confused on their diagnosis. It is understandable, but what I don’t understand is why would singers (for example) look for help from speech therapists…?

My take on this is that these people have no understanding (or knowledge for that matter) that it is not only about the “quality” of their voice, but it is mainly about the mechanical application of their voice (speaking or singing).

Furthermore, speech therapists primarily never had been trained in restoration of vocal mechanics, or furthermore, in the development of a vocal technique. People are exponentially losing their sense while being constricted by the economical turnaround. They are looking for speech therapists because the latter are accepting medical insurance, while concurrently not realizing that “insurance” will no help them rectify their voice problem the way it should be done. These people don’t have any proper knowledge because they refuse to verbally express themselves; and sometimes (especially if it is about the voice) the real message gets lost in translation… so to speak.

It never ceases to amaze me when the people that inquire about their voice issues do not want to reveal the sound of their voice, even to the voice specialist! That’s why, sometimes I wonder… Do they really want to treat and restore their voices back to normal, or they love to be “special” accepting pity and sympathy from their friends and family?

I will leave it to their discretion, but will hope that one day, they will realize that the voice was given to them for the purpose to communicate verbally and or vocally; and to have it not functioning in its full capacity (especially when it could be fixed) is a real shame.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Vocal Science - Vocally Speaking… As In Everything In Life, You Get Exactly What You Pay For. This Also Applies To Voice/Vocal Repair And Vocal Training.

"When it is concerning the human anatomy, there are no “cutting corners”.

Yesterday, on November the 27th (traditionally) to celebrate my husband’s birthday, we went to Niagara Falls to watch a Christmas skating show know as Christmas On Ice.

We have been there last year and two years before, and I have to say the last year’s show was the worst out of all. There were only about 10% of the original cast participating in the show (skating, dancing and singing). We were wondering then why there were young and inexperienced skaters trying to resemble something remotely reminding the original show.

In all three categories, the performers were very amateur and clearly inexperienced. They were hardly rehearsed, the pace of the show was vary fast, vary loud and very chaotic. It was also very poorly directed.

Watching yesterday’s show, we were very pleased to see (for the most part) the original cast (experienced skaters, dancers and singers). They were outstanding!!

On the way back home, (which is about two hours away), my husband and I were discussing all of the above, and came to the conclusion that the last year, the Fallsview Casino, had decided to save some money and refused to pay (perhaps the union fees) for the experienced, skaters dancers and singers, and thus the show was kind of “second handed”. Most likely, there was just an open call for second-rate performers who obviously did not cost the casino that much money, and that was the result.

My readers probably know that I am a huge fan of figure skating, but on the premise of last year’s show, I almost did not want to attend this time. I am glad I did. The show was superb, the cast was great and the quality of everything that they were doing was outstanding!

What does this tell you?

Last year, they wanted to throw a cheap parody of what was once called the Christmas On Ice. This time it was the REAL DEAL!

You, my reader, might wonder what the above has to do with vocal coaching or voice repair…

It has a lot to do with it. Sometimes, our potential clients are not realizing what it entails to non-surgically repair a damaged voice. They are looking for a cheap version of traditional vocal coaching or (covered by insurance) voice therapy. They are not realizing that the voice specialist of a high caliber (especially the one who can attend to speakers and singers) cannot be in the same league (fees wise as well) with regular voice practitioners.

Non-surgical voice repair is a highly specialized field which takes a lot of experience, a lot of knowledge and a lot of patience. It falls into the category of internal medicine.
My prospective clients are often wondering if it could be done remotely…? They want it cheap and at the convenience of their own home…

Go Figure!

They also want to buy (so to speak) a “Mercedes for the price of a bicycle”. And sometimes they do “succeed” with respect to finding somebody who would offer them “what they want”, because those so-called “practitioners” are not really looking after their client’s interest. They are, no doubt, looking after their money and not really anything else… In other words, they are “playing with the human anatomy… remotely”.

In the past and in the present, we have had quite a few clients who told us that they checked all available voice services online (some free and some not). But, evidently, they did not find what they were looking for; and thus ended up here with us.

When it is concerning the human anatomy, there are no “cutting corners”.

In Russia, we have a saying: “Go big or go home”. Yes, go home, but with what…?

Nevertheless, the voice problem is still lingering and eventually, it might progress to the “point of no return”. Yes, you saved money, you saved yourself a travel, you knew which button to press to go on Skype or to FaceTime; YOU WON YOUR CASE, but at the same time, I am sorry to say that you ended up being the “BIGGEST LOSER”.

Ultimately, your voice problem might haunt you for the rest of your life simply because you thought that there was a quick and cheap fix where (I can assure you) no such thing(s) exist.

I will leave it up to your discretion, my reader; and you are, of course, free to draw your own conclusion from the writing above. Remember, when it comes to your health, no price should be too high, especially if you believe in the natural and holistic approach to any issue concerning your inner health.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Vocal Science: We Will Make Your Bad Voice Days Good And Your Good Voice Days Better!

You clearly feel and know that you have a voice issue, but your ENT Specialist declares that there is nothing wrong with you and he can not detect any voice problems from the medical point of view… So naturally, it makes you upset and confused and you don’t know what to do next.

Since our motto is that ‘your better voice tomorrow with start with us today’, we can pinpoint any mechanical problem(s) which your voice may experience. The fact is that from the physical point of view, everything within your vocal anatomy may seem to be intact. Therefore, you cannot blame a physician or ENT doctor for not seeing any problems with your voice.

If that is the case, you should realize that you have been using your voice incorrectly (Speaking and/or singing) and thus, most likely, you had dropped your voice in the lower-throat position.  Also, with incorrect breathing, you could have dried up your throat flora. 

Singers would probably realize that they have a voice issue a little faster then just regular speaking people. The singers would notice that their range is subsiding and it is much harder for them to reach higher or lower notes and that the quality of their voice had become much poorer. Whereas the speakers might not detect their voice problem soon enough. 

The regular people will only realize that they have acquired a voice problem when their voice becomes raspy and hoarse and they experience difficulty speaking. Also, people with the poor diet (heavy mucus-filled foods and highly acidic foods), may have their voices affected by it. The dry and filthy air (polluted with chemicals like mold, asbestos, etc.,) could affect the upper and lower respiratory functions of the body, and then respectively effect the breathing and the voice by osmosis.

And the last (but not the least) cause could be the suppressed emotions. 

That’s where the affected person needs to check their thyroid with a holistic practitioner who is aware that the thyroid (according to the holistic teaching), represents suppressed emotions and hurts. Once the thyroid becomes tight and practically “closes on you”, it is that much harder for the voice to ‘come out onto the surface’ freely and easily. 

We at The Royans Institute for Non- Surgical Voice Repair, specialize in a holistic approach to voice mechanics.

And where the doctors say “We don’t know”… we say “We do”!

We promise that we will make your bad voice days good and your good voice days better!

How do we deliver that promise…?

By addressing your symptoms and the causes, and by making YOU understand what happened and why. We also teach you what not to do and what to do in order to avoid future voice problems. We will teach you how to maintain your voice hygiene, strength and overall health. 

The knowledge is confidence and the confidence is success… in whatever you do.... and do by design!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Vocally Speaking: Would you go to a Car Body Shop (instead of a car garage) to fix your car’s engine or transmission for that matter?

The answer is… if (God forbid) you were involved in a car accident and the body of your car got damaged, you would probably need to go to a body shop…. wouldn’t you?

However, on the other hand, if your engine or transmission were acting up, then you definitely would want to check with a qualified mechanic who, nevertheless, specializes in “car mechanics arts” in a manner of speaking.

One of my prospective clients had been diagnosed with two (nevertheless) voice disorders, which are clearly of a mechanical nature, as one of them is Muscle Tension Dysphonia and the other is named Sulcus Vocalis (unhealthy gap between the vocal cords).

Both of those voice issues are caused by a misuse of the voice i.e., by straining the vocal cords and pushing/pulling the voice out onto the surface; and instead, by default, placing it right into the neck muscles.

Needless to say, during those actions, Muscle Tension Dysphonia had been initiated.

Meanwhile, the strained vocal cords also got tired of being pushed and pulled constantly; and thus, they had been no longer able to ‘snap back together’ and close properly (The Sulcus Vocalis disorder then had taken place and the gap between the vocal cords had been created).

On this note, my prospective client started looking for alternative treatments; one of which happened to be acupuncture. In fact, by the looks of things, the session was performed by a very good and experienced acupuncturist.

My prospective client was very excited, as according to her, right after that, it was much easier for her to speak to her husband and her sun. On this premise, she right away decided that this was the answer to her prayers; and by doing this acupuncture work, her (nevertheless) two mechanical problems, will be fixed…?

In other words, like we said before, if it was about her car with broken parts under the hood, she would go to a body shop and wash, wax and polish that car in hopes that the engine (or whichever other essential parts under the hood) would miraculously be fixed.

Does the above sound realistic to you…my readers?

My answer would be that it is highly illogical, as if any problem of a mechanical nature occurred; the bodywork instead would not help to fix it.

Let’s (for example) take an athlete who, during a marathon, broke his leg.

Yes, indeed, he/she could attend all kinds of alternative treatments such as acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy and etc…

Yes, all of those treatments could ease off the pain and speed up the healing.

But would they be able to assist with putting all the bones, tendons and ligaments together so that the runner could start running again without any surgery, cast or crutches?

My answer would be…very unlikely! In other words, with the help of alternative treatments, the healing probably will also be enhanced, but in no shape or form, it would substitute the mechanical repair of the injured limb…

Similarly, in the case of my prospective client, the acupuncture actually helped to send the energy to the vocal box ‘chakra’; and therefore, the aforementioned person felt an exuberant energy directed to her vocal anatomy; and thus she felt (momentarily) the relief with respect of the use of her voice. Therefore the occurrence of such result is quite understandable and logical.

Would that solve the voice problem in the long run?

The answer is… NOT ON ITS OWN, but it could be a great help to the actual voice mechanics repair!
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